T1/E1 Pinout (RJ-48C)

T1/E1 wiring may use either a RJ45, DB15 or BNC connectors. The pinout shown uses RJ45 connectors - its formal name is USOC RJ-48C and is defined in ANSI T1-403-1989. T1 is a North America (primarily) digital service providing 1.544 Mbps. E1 is a European/Rest of World standard providing digital service at 2.048 Mbps. CATegory 5(e) cabling is used to provide balanced pairs. The color coding for Cat 5(e) cabling may be 568A or 568B.

RJ45 PinSignalNotes
1RX1 (Ring - negative)
2RX2 (TIP - positive)
3FGND (RX GND)Ground/Shield
4TX1 (Ring - negative)
5TX2 (TIP - positive)
6FGND (TX GND)Ground/Shield